After a chat today with a friend who also rides recumbent trikes I have settled on the following requirements for a dedicated recumbent trike light system.

  • Individual wide beam and pencil beam lights, two of each.
  • Ability to switch the wide beam and pencil beam off and on separately.
  • Ability to adjust brightness of all lights.
  • All controls with with in reach with out removing hand off the handlebars.
  • At least 900 at the LED lumen with Cree’s XR-E being the most likely contender.
  • Ability to remove battery pack from the bike for charging with an inbuilt self contained charger.
A cree XR-E high power 3W LED.

A cree XR-E high power 3W LED.

Also discussed was the usefulness of having the two pencil beam led’s being attached to the handle bar’s in such a way that turning to go around the corner also turns the LED’s so that they point in your new direction in much the same way as it does on a traditional bike.

I will draw something up in the coming days to give a better idea of what i’m on about.


About Richard

I am a PhD candidate in Materials Engineering located in Melbourne, Australia.
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