345 Lumen Sub $US20 Trail Light

Apart from the recumbent trike I also dabble in mountain bikes. So with my new found obsession in all things bright and dazzling (no thanks to the guys over at CPF forums) i’m also going to have a go at a helmet light for night riding.

However rather than going all out with the biggest and brightest piece of kit I can think of, i’m going to take the opposite opposite. That is making something for as little cost and time possible but still a usable brightness.

This is the thought so far.

  • A single XP-G LED and ledil CXP-RS optics
  • The same low cost driver I already have bought
  • Run off only 4 standard AA batteries
  • Low, medium and high settings
  • Have a minimum run time of 2 hours on high, 3 hours on medium and 4 hours on low
  • Current of 1A on high, 0.7A on medium and 0.5A on low
  • Around 345 lumen’s (at the die) on max brightness
  • light weight, less than 100g (0.22 pound) for the light unit

With ease of build in mind the batteries will be contained separately from the light in a separate pouch.

Low cost bike light.

Low cost bike light.

I should be able to make this project for around $20 USD’s in parts and no more than 3 hours work.

It will be interesting to see if this holds true.

About Richard

I am a Materials Engineering working in the field of Magnetic Materials in Melbourne, Australia. This blog covers my personal interest in all things CNC.
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