Still waiting for parts, mainly the LED’s and the drivers, I dug up some other useful stuff from around the house.

Click to make larger.

Assorted Parts

Sorry for poor image quality.

Bottom of the image: The male and female plugs that I intend to use for both the low cost bike lights and the trike light. They are 6 pin.

Top right: is box and flat Aluminium that I will use for the body of the lights. The black box Aluminium will contain the square optics and LED’s once cut to size. The flat aluminium will be for mounting the led on inside the square tubing. The heat sink will be attached to the base of the light unit, but still unsure about that.

Top: A box of 100m 6 core cable I have left over from a past project along with the green bushings (green label).

I will draw something up sometime on how this should look when its done.

About Richard

I am a Materials Engineering working in the field of Magnetic Materials in Melbourne, Australia. This blog covers my personal interest in all things CNC.
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