Taking the trike lights for a test drive.

I placed the recumbent handle bar lights on my mountain bike this afternoon to take for a test run at night. Once on my mountain bike they looked a little odd to say the least..

handle bar lights (mounted)

However once on the recumbent trike handle bar’s I hope they wont look as strange.

A shot from a different angle.

handle bar lights2 (mounted)

I’m still amazed at how much light these XR-E LED’s kick out for such a relatively small number of Watt’s. When combined with the narrow beam optics (5.5degrees) they light up tree’s down a path a good 20m away with ease. The real concern now is that they are too bright and that once placed on the trike will blind oncoming cars and pedestrians.

Being able to dim them is also great, but using a pot to dim them has resulted in it flickering while changing the brightness. This is just due to the way a potentiometer works (a contact skipping across wound wire) so the only fix I can think of is using a rotary switch to different resistances such as what I intend to use for the low cost bike helmet light.

Luckily for me the battery/driver box fitted snugly into a drink bottle holder on the mountain bike. Not wanting to do the same on the recumbent I will need to sort out how that will be attached.

My end goal is to ensure that the light system can be fitted and then removed to the recumbent with out any modifications made. Also it must not leave any evidence that it was once fitted to the bike.

So still more problems to work through.

About Richard

I am a Materials Engineering working in the field of Magnetic Materials in Melbourne, Australia. This blog covers my personal interest in all things CNC.
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