XP-G Worklight

Yesterday I found the time to finish off the triple LED (XP-G) work light. It went together fairly quickly with about an hours fiddling.  The most difficult part was achieve a good thermal path for the LED’s to the housing. This was solved with generous amounts of thermal paste and a section of aluminium box metal.

Warning, technical specs to follow:

As it is, its running off a 240V AC to 12V DC plug pack which connects to the light with 4 pin DIN plug and socket. Also there is a high/low switch which changes the light output from 350mA (approx 400lumens)  and 1A (approx 1,000 lumens). Although these LEDs are quite dazzling when viewed directly they are a little disappointing when used in this work light. The light output is equal to or perhaps even a little less than the original halogen globe. However it should be noted it is now using only around 12W on max brightness and about 4W on low, as opposed to the original 250W halogen globe.

This is a a 95% reduction in power usage on high and an astounding 99% reduction on low when compared to the original globe. So the light output is still quite impressive, all things considered. For those interested each LED consumes about 3.2W when driven at 1A plus an additional 25% for inefficiency of the LED driver.

New Direction.

Although this work light is still more than bright enough to be useful its light output is definitely not is strength. As such i’m going to pull it to bits and turn it into a battery powered mobile work light. Not sure on the specifics just yet, but i’m considering using simple AA NiMh rechargeable batteries. Where these will be mounted is yet to be seen.

If I can figure this out it will be a fantastic light for camping, fishing and in hard to reach places, ie: the roof cavity.

About Richard

I am a Materials Engineering working in the field of Magnetic Materials in Melbourne, Australia. This blog covers my personal interest in all things CNC.
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2 Responses to XP-G Worklight

  1. Max says:

    Can I have a step by step process on how to make this and can I have a price list for menerals?

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