Thinking about the E-Trike Project

Recently I have been spending far to much time doing research for this summers E-Trike project. As such I thought it was time to clear my head by laying out the whole plan as clear as possible. So here it is.

The aim is to take a variation of GreenSpeeds GT3 folding trike that belongs to a friend and turn it electric. This is the same trike as used in the trike light project.



A Greenspeed GT3 Trike



Once converted it is hoped that it will have a range of approximately 60km when driven at 30km/h. It will be geared to have a top speed of 60km/h. As this is intended for the daily commute its not going to be built completely for power and performance. However, with 4kW at its dispose it still have an incredible amount of power available for its weight. Total weight when complete should be around 25kg, but this is a very rough estimation.

Single Stage Reduction "eDrive"

Single Stage Reduction "eDrive"

To achieve this I will be using Matt Shumaker’s single stage ‘eDriver’. Needless to say its almost a work of art. The drive works by taking the high RPM of the electric motor and reducing it to something more usable. By using this belt drive it is both quite, efficient and light weight. This drive has been specially designed for high end ebikes using RC (remote control) sized motors. These incredible motors, such as the Astro 3210 Brushless Motor pictured above, deliver huge amounts of power for their size and can still maintain 90%+ efficiency.

This will be bolted on to the trike just behind the seat using a mount also manufactured by Matt.


Matt's 2.5 Inch ID Clamp for his reduction drive.

Once attached the drive will be connected to the left hand side of the rear wheel with a 0.25 inch chain. This chain will have a freewheeler on the drive end and a fixed disk break mounted sprocket on the rear wheel. The rear wheel sprocket will be much larger than the sprocket on the output of the reduction drive and as such acts as a second stage reduction. I am unsure of the rear wheel sprocket size yet as this need to be calculated with top speed in mind.

This setup is controlled by a Castel Phoenix HV-110 burshless motor controller.

Castle HV110

Castle HV110

This will take the raw DC power from the batteries and deliver it to 4kW motor in a way that it can use it. It also controls the speed and acceleration.

To control the bike will be a thumb throttle attached to the handle bar above the grip. A thumb throttle makes more sense in this case as the hand bars are vertical. To allow the rider to see the range left, the current battery status, speed and other useful information will be one of’s cycle analyst’s. All the information is displayed on a weather resistant back lit LCD display.


Cycle Analyst

Last but not least is the batteries powering this setup. I am still a little undecided as to what batteries to use at this stage. Currently my best bet seems to be four ZIPPY Flightmax 5Ah LiPo packs. The price is right and whats more, they can deliver the current require to make full use of the 4kW motor.

A single 22.2V 5Ah LiPo Pack

Zippy's 22.2V 5Ah LiPo Pack

By using four of these packs in series and parallel I should have the voltage for good top speed and decent range.

Obviously there are many more components also required, but this is the key parts.

Over the coming weeks I hope to take delivery of these parts and get underway.

About Richard

I am a Materials Engineering working in the field of Magnetic Materials in Melbourne, Australia. This blog covers my personal interest in all things CNC.
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6 Responses to Thinking about the E-Trike Project

  1. Kenneth Rhodes says:

    The trike pictured looks more like a TerraTrike than a Greenspeed. I look forward to seeing your project completed. I have a Greenspeed GLO which I would love to E-Assist.

    • Richard says:

      Its a bit of an oddity this bike. The basic frame shape is Greenspeed but the steering and breaks are different.

      The guy who built the bike works for Greenspeed as one of their R&D people I believe. As such he gets the frame at whole sale prices and then kits them out for his own customers in his backyard shed.

      You can find more info at the suppliers website.

  2. Kenneth Rhodes says:

    Be that as it may, here is the url:, which appears to be a WizWheels (Terra Trike) Cruiser. I do not see much a resemblance to a basic Greenspeed Frame shape.

    Now, the fellow may have built a bike from a Greenspeed frame, but the picture above is not a Greenspeed.

    • Richard says:

      Arh, very true.

      That image I shamelessly lifted from a website when I first started this blog. At that time I hadnt seen the finished bike that was built by ‘Mr Recumbent’ so I just used that photo as a representation of a recumbent trike.

      I will go back and swap it out now. Thank you for pointing it out.


  3. As an owner of Trike Shoppe, LLC in fort Lauderdale, FL and both a Greenspeed and TerraTrike dealer, I am extremely interested in your project. My personal interest, though, would be the adaptability of your design on a KMX Karts Cobra. As a Greenspeed GTT rider, though, I’d almost definitely look into this. Trike Shoppe, LLC presently installs and sells hub motors and electric bikes and trikes, including recumbent trikes from its store at 3790 Davie Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312.

    • Richard says:

      Hi Stephen, thanks for your interest.

      I have almost entirely based my design off a setup originally created for a KMX trikes. You can find the original project here.

      So what i’m doing is by no means original. I’m adapting the electric KMX setup used by Matt Shumaker (aka Recumpence) for a greenspeed trike design.

      You can find a video of his finished 10kW (peak) KMX trike here.

      Although Matt is great at what he does, his projects can be a little hard to follow for a newcomer. As such i’m documenting my progress here in detail so others have an idea of how it all goes together.


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