Battery Powered Work Light V2

I finally got around to revising the tipple XP-G worklight by converting it to be battery powered.

Worklight with battery pack attached.

Only a few changers were made to the original. Most notable is that a bracket has been added that extends downwards from the back of the light and attaches to a case that houses 8xAA NiMh batteries. Also the original high low switch was replaced with a rotary 4 position switch with knob. For the switch its:

  • Position 1 – Power disconnected.
  • Position 2 – Power connected, high beam
  • Position 3 – Power connected, medium beam
  • Position 4 – Power connected, low beam

Some more photos.

Run time varies a lot. With rechargeable 8 AA 2,000mAh batteries it draws around 6W on high, 4W on medium and 2.5W on low. The LED’s are reated up to 9W but there is only a little gain in output between 6.5W and 9W due to decreased efficiency.

Run times are about 3 hours on high, 4 hours on medium and 7.5 hours on low.

A short vid.


About Richard

I am a PhD candidate in Materials Engineering located in Melbourne, Australia.
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