Granular HDPE Extruder Progress continued.

This is where I am currently up to with the granular HDPE extruder.

The multimeter is reading the resistance from a 10k thermistor while the barrel is warming up. You can also see the roofing insulation thats covering the nickel chromium wire at the end of the barrel.

I haven’t had a chance to get it up to temperature and try extruding just yet as there are many other little problems that need to be solved first.

I also dont think this current setup will work very well, if at all, due to the long thermal gradient over the brass pipe.

Still its a small step in the right direction. When its up and running in some usable way I will post a short description of how it went together.


About Richard

I am a PhD candidate in Materials Engineering located in Melbourne, Australia.
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2 Responses to Granular HDPE Extruder Progress continued.

  1. Your auger doesn’t have a increacing pitch in its thread like this one. Do you not think that this will be a problem?

    • Richard says:

      I can see how its very important if your extruding hollow plastic piping. However I am hoping its not the case for a solid filament. More experimentation with it will tell for sure.

      It will be a real shame if I cant get it to extrude with just the drill bit seeing as its something that’s cheap and widely available.

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