Granular HDPE Extruder – More photos.

I pulled apart the extruder today to take a look inside and I also made a few measurements of the extruded filament.  The filament has swelled a little, but not as much as I thought. The die diameter is 2mm and at its largest the filament is just over 3mm. Oddly though, the filament is slightly oval shaped, which is either due to a misshaped hole or uneven heating of the barrel.

The end of the extruder barrel and some extruded filament.

Also of interest is that the majority of granules that was still in the barrel were not melted and thus able to be poured out. Although keep in mind that this has still only been used just the once.

Looking down into the top of the hot end of the extruder.

This leaves me to wonder if the barrel could be reduced in size by a large amount and still extrude. I have a few smaller auger bits around and may try making a mini granular extruder once I have the AC motor geared down reliably.

About Richard

I am a Materials Engineering working in the field of Magnetic Materials in Melbourne, Australia. This blog covers my personal interest in all things CNC.
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1 Response to Granular HDPE Extruder – More photos.

  1. good post
    and whats inside of the extruder…am also an mechanical engineering student with great extend of thirst for knowledge

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