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Hands on experience with an SEM.

Due to the constant barrage of assignments at uni I have had little time for Reprap related projects recently. So instead I would like to share my excitement after having my first undergrad laboratory session with an electron microscope. In case your unaware, an electron … Continue reading

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Arduino Mega & a character LCD.

Still playing with my new toy, the Arduino Mega, this time with an character LCD with a parallel interface. The LCD I had laying around but you can buy them pretty much anywhere at low cost. I used this guide … Continue reading

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Solvent Compatibility and plastics.

While recently trying to apply my limited chemistry knowledge to work out which solvents will dissolve ABS (and failing miserably) I came across the handy table shown below. It depicts which solvents will effect a range of thermoplastics and is otherwise self explanatory. I … Continue reading

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Getting acquainted with my Arduino mega.

An Arduino Mega landed on my door step last week and I have been playing with it ever since. It was purchased from for only $46AUD ($42USD) due to their grand opening special. I have the intent of eventually making the … Continue reading

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