1kW Yaskawa servopack teardown and tuning process

This is a quick tear down of a Yaskawa servopack.

Model: SGDV-120A01A 200V 1kW (2012 Model)

Link to the datasheet here.

You can find the full album of images here.

This model of servopack can be configured either using the built in onscreen display or by using their free software over USB. Below is a screen cap of the configuration process for a 750W servopack.

If anyone happens to stumble  upon this post and your trying to get your motor to rotate make sure to check that the three phase leads to the motor are in the correct configuration. Big thanks to user Tecfacet for that one! This system does not self test at startup like an RC controller and so you must have the phases in the correct order or else the motor will shudder violently and throw a ‘current detection error’. To find the correct order just mark each of the there cables and the the 9 possible configurations or use the following:

U -> Red
V -> White
W -> Black

The motor shown in the video is a SGMJV-08ADC6S 200V 750W 2.39N.m rated. It also came paired with a 7:1 planetary reduction as shown in the video below. With this gearbox you can achieve a staggering 58.5 N.m momentary peak output!

This motor uses a 20 bit encoder giving 1048576 discrete ‘steps’. Below is a photo of the encoder with its dust cover removed.

_1190248.jpgThis level of positional accuracy is hard to fathom so here is some perspective: If you attach a mirror to the rotor and bounce a laser off it onto a wall some 20m away then a 5/1048576 positional change is still only just visible to the human eye at a calculated deviation of 0.12mm. Incredible!JPEG_20180210_174709.jpg

Even more impressive is that this level positional accuracy can be maintained even when I try and disturb the rotor by hand. The image below is from the free Yaskawa software. It is plotting in real time the encoder position. Notice that I am only able to move the rotor a few encoder counts (again, 1048576 per rotation) of its desired position.


Overall I am very impressed with the Yaskawa SGDV servopack series. Yes they are expensive but if you get a good deal second hand they are well worth the money for the right project.

Side note: If you are looking for an opensource motor controller that you can assemble yourself to drive an industrial servo motor like the one shown above then, I highly recommend you take a look at stmbl which is actively developed by Rene Hopf (rene-dev) and Nico Stute (crinq).



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