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Commercial Food Grade HDPE Granules

A very good friend of mine helps look after the blow moulding section of a dairy milk processing plant. After I told him about my reprap project he offered to get me some samples of the granular HDPE that they use to … Continue reading

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A Mendel built in sketchup

By using the supplied STL files, a few hours of my time and the mechanical construction  instructions I was able to make a fairly accurate representation of the Mendel in sketchup. You can also see a rather nifty interactive 3D view at this link. … Continue reading

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Importing, exporting and making ‘manifold’ objects in sketchup

In a nut shell: An importer and exporter plugin for STL files in sketchup, along with a program to make your objects ‘mainfold’ can be found in one file here or here (mirror). Read the ‘how to’ text file in … Continue reading

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A continuous problem – Conveyor belts

One of my eventual goals is to set up some sort of conveyor system for the Mendel i’m building to allow continuous unattended printing. Wanting to learn more I took a look at the wiki page but was surprised to see there is … Continue reading

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Hot melt adhesive principles continued (2 of 2)

Reading back over my original post on adhesive principles I think I have may made it overly complicated. So consider this the key points from the first post. Having a good understanding of the principles behind how hot extruded plastic … Continue reading

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Playing in google sketchup.

Its all well and good to have a working reprap, but with out the skills to design new parts I would be limited to what ever already exists on and other such sites. Since my own Mendel wont be … Continue reading

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Start of the build.

So far the only parts I have put together for my Reprap is what I already had around the house. After disassembling two old printers and a scanner I managed to gain some useful stainless steel shafts, stepper motors, brushed DC motors and plastic … Continue reading

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