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Solvent Compatibility and plastics.

While recently trying to apply my limited chemistry knowledge to work out which solvents will dissolve ABS (and failing miserably) I came across the handy table shown below. It depicts which solvents will effect a range of thermoplastics and is otherwise self explanatory. I … Continue reading

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Getting acquainted with my Arduino mega.

An Arduino Mega landed on my door step last week and I have been playing with it ever since. It was purchased from for only $46AUD ($42USD) due to their grand opening special. I have the intent of eventually making the … Continue reading

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Recycling, storage and degradation of polymers.

Generally speaking, plastics (polymers) are thought of as quite stable when compared to other naturally produced materials as they do not rust, rot or otherwise degrade in the traditional ways. However plastics do have their own set of weaknesses which, … Continue reading

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Using sketchup’s ‘Import Photo’ Function to model objects.

In sketchup there are a number of ways in which you can import an image. These are outlined in the short video below that’s made by concept3d. With this in mind I thought, I would have a go at copying an object … Continue reading

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