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Explaining all things reprap related, from a scientific prospective.

Cryogenic Granular Grinding

I recently came across this industrial grade meet grinder. Its located in a laboratory used for, among other things, injection moulding. I’m told that its used to grind plastic granules down into a fine powder. What is particularly interesting though is … Continue reading

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Recycling, storage and degradation of polymers.

Generally speaking, plastics (polymers) are thought of as quite stable when compared to other naturally produced materials as they do not rust, rot or otherwise degrade in the traditional ways. However plastics do have their own set of weaknesses which, … Continue reading

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Warping – Large objects and the heated print bed.

More of the same ‘out loud’ thinking on the issue of warping in this post to follow on from the last post on warping fundamentals. In particular, thinking about how the speed of a print, the size of an object and … Continue reading

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Warping Fundamentals.

The cause of warping may be an obvious phenomena to some, but for myself it is far from it. However, having now had some time to chew it over I now feel like I have a much better handle on … Continue reading

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