Current Projects

This is a short list of current projects.

Due to work commitments I am currently taking a break from all projects.

7 Responses to Current Projects

  1. terramir (AKA daniel) says:

    having problems with seems like I dunno hopw to set the settings properly because the window tells me a max x of like 44 and I know the pcb I’m using here is like about 4 by 5.21 inches also I don’t really know what units your using for the pen, because I can choose from several different pen sizes but if I dunno what the units are your working with here I’m kinda screwed

  2. cyn says:

    hi there, would you have any interest in a Houston Instrument HiPlot DMP-29 Plotter? Wishing to get rid of one for $50 or less – do you know where i could find some interest for it?

    Drop me a line – im in melbourne

  3. Eden says:

    Hi Richard. What happened to the Gubstrap project? It looked so promising. If you have abandoned it, would you be willing to release more of the details like the bill off materials and any other designs or instructions you had?i think the idea of recycling old printers to make and a 3D printer is great. It’s something I would really like to consider doing (maybe without hearing the chamber). Or would you suggest rather doing the Mantis and going from there?


    • Richard says:

      Hi Eden

      Thanks for your interest in the gunstrap project. Unfortunately, I am no longer working on this project and so there is not much in the way of details that I can release. You can find a mockup of the finished designs on . I used an old version of the RAMPS electronics at the time which is now out of date. Michael Holm, whose youtube page you can find here, has since taken this design and improved on it so you may also like to check out his work.

      I suggest you follow one of the newer and simpler designs that you can find on the RepRap project wiki page as there will be far more documentation to follow.

      Best of luck!

      Richard (aka Capo).

  4. Sam Schad says:

    Richard- would you be willing to consult on the ducted fan design project you posted back in January? If so, shoot me an email off list
    Thanks! Sam

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