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Cryogenic Granular Grinding

I recently came across this industrial grade meet grinder. Its located in a laboratory used for, among other things, injection moulding. I’m told that its used to grind plastic granules down into a fine powder. What is particularly interesting though is … Continue reading

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Solvent Compatibility and plastics.

While recently trying to apply my limited chemistry knowledge to work out which solvents will dissolve ABS (and failing miserably) I came across the handy table shown below. It depicts which solvents will effect a range of thermoplastics and is otherwise self explanatory. I … Continue reading

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Warping – Large objects and the heated print bed.

More of the same ‘out loud’ thinking on the issue of warping in this post to follow on from the last post on warping fundamentals. In particular, thinking about how the speed of a print, the size of an object and … Continue reading

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Nurdle Extruder problem solving.

The Nurdle Extruder is still slowly progressing. Just to reiterate, the purpose of this extruder is to take food grade HDPE nurdles and produce a 3mm filament which can be spooled for later use on a geared reprap extruder. As … Continue reading

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Is filament feedstock better for the environment than ‘nurdles’?

Something that has become painfully obvious over the last week is that handling granular HDPE is a very messy business indeed. These plastic nurdles, as i just discovered they are called, act a bit like sand in that they get into everything. … Continue reading

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Gearing down the granular extruder.

It was recently questioned by Giles Bathgate as to why I don’t use the AC motor to drive the auger in the granular extruder. My first response was that I couldn’t adjust its speed and it would be difficult to gear down. However after some more time … Continue reading

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Granular HDPE Extruder – More photos.

I pulled apart the extruder today to take a look inside and I also made a few measurements of the extruded filament.  The filament has swelled a little, but not as much as I thought. The die diameter is 2mm and … Continue reading

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