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XP-G Keyring Light

Recently I have been watching  my poor old keyring light slowly die on me and have begun to wonder what I could replace it with.. Well the obvious answer of course is a Lithium Polymer powered XP-G keyring mod! So this is … Continue reading

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Low cost bike light – Finished.

Here is the finished ‘low cost’ helmet light for my bike. Estimated output on high is 270lumen. The general overview. The LED, driver, optics and rotary switch assembly are mounted inside a 20mm diameter square aluminium tube. The LED is a single Cree XP-G mounted … Continue reading

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Battery Powered Work Light V2

I finally got around to revising the tipple XP-G worklight by converting it to be battery powered. Only a few changers were made to the original. Most notable is that a bracket has been added that extends downwards from the back of the light and … Continue reading

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Getting a move on

Now that I have the optics and LED’s to do with the drivers I have started to get it all together. In the image below you can see the basic shape and design of the lights that will go on … Continue reading

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