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One step conversion of an image to gcode for Makerbot Unicorn and Reprap style 3D Printers

How to take an image like this: and in one step generate the gcodes required to do this: All credit for cad.py goes to the original creator Neil Gershenfeld of  MIT Center for Bits and Atoms and David Carr of Make Your Bot who optimised the … Continue reading

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Drawing gears in Sketchup.

Update: March 2015 For a copy of the plugin please see this link as the original owner appears to have moved the site. This version has been updated to work with the newer versions of sketchup. If you have trouble with this … Continue reading

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2011 – The year of the 3D printer?

Just how popular is the desktop 3D printer now as opposed to a year ago? How popular will it be this time next year? There are a few tools available that may help provide quantitative answers to these questions. One such tool is Google … Continue reading

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An introduction to heat transfer.

From it’s heated print bed to it’s heated extruder, a reprap is hot property. So having a sound understanding of what heat is and how this heat is transferred to other materials may help you in building better reprap related paraphernalia. So consider … Continue reading

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A continuous problem – Conveyor belts

One of my eventual goals is to set up some sort of conveyor system for the Mendel i’m building to allow continuous unattended printing. Wanting to learn more I took a look at the reprap.org wiki page but was surprised to see there is … Continue reading

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