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Construction of a TandemB Prototype

In a previous post I proposed the idea using an unconventional kinematic system to translation movements in the x and y axis. This idea, which was dubbed ‘Tandem’, is similar to that of a delta robot with the key difference being that rather … Continue reading

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Working in Tandem – Unconventional XY-axis layouts for 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling, engraving or pick and place.

Below I outline three separate concepts for moving in the X and Y plane with a specific emphasis on minimising the moving mass, maintaining high mechanical stiffness, reducing backlash and allowing two stepper motors to work in tandem. It is my hope that these concepts, … Continue reading

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Playing around with a heated chamber design.

For quite some time I have lusted after a 3D printer with the following specifications: A 20x20x15cm build area A heating print bed A heated build chamber (ambient to 100C) to possibly eliminate warping. A respectable print resolution and speed … Continue reading

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How to use cad.py.

As cad.py works from images, your not restricted to just PCB designs. You can also import any black or white image or text. As long as its white lines on a black back ground it should work. So there is … Continue reading

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