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Key chain XP-G… sort of.

I did end up making a mini XP-G keychain light.  However, due to lack of time and interest I only got as far as coupling 2 100mAh LiPo cells in series too two current limiting IC’s for a total output … Continue reading

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XP-G Keyring Light

Recently I have been watching  my poor old keyring light slowly die on me and have begun to wonder what I could replace it with.. Well the obvious answer of course is a Lithium Polymer powered XP-G keyring mod! So this is … Continue reading

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Crown eTrike Batteries – Charging

It appears this may be the most complex part of this project. Thus far everything is very much plug and play. That is, each major component be it the motor, controller etc can be attached and plugged directly to each … Continue reading

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Trike light battery box

Got started on mounting the parts into the battery driver box today. With still no sign of the LED’s or drivers I can only work on the batter’s and charger for the moment. I wasnt a fan of the original … Continue reading

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