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Construction of a TandemB Prototype

In a previous post I proposed the idea using an unconventional kinematic system to translation movements in the x and y axis. This idea, which was dubbed ‘Tandem’, is similar to that of a delta robot with the key difference being that rather … Continue reading

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Working in Tandem – Unconventional XY-axis layouts for 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling, engraving or pick and place.

Below I outline three separate concepts for moving in the X and Y plane with a specific emphasis on minimising the moving mass, maintaining high mechanical stiffness, reducing backlash and allowing two stepper motors to work in tandem. It is my hope that these concepts, … Continue reading

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Drawing gears in Sketchup.

Update: March 2015 For a copy of the plugin please see this link as the original owner appears to have moved the site. This version has been updated to work with the newer versions of sketchup. If you have trouble with this … Continue reading

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Constructing the ‘gunstrap’

I have started to build the new larger Mantis CNC inspired repstrap. The plywood i’m using for its construction is, oddly enough, from 8mm rifle ammunition boxes previously used by the Australian navy. Its 16mm thick, easy to work with and … Continue reading

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Rethinking the Mantis Repstrap.

The Mantis CNC is a well thought out and very easy to construct PCB mill. Unfortunately, as it was originally designed as a PCB milling tool its build area is very restricted both horizontally and vertically. Because of this, and a few … Continue reading

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Using sketchup’s ‘Import Photo’ Function to model objects.

In sketchup there are a number of ways in which you can import an image. These are outlined in the short video below that’s made by concept3d. With this in mind I thought, I would have a go at copying an object … Continue reading

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A Mendel built in sketchup

By using the supplied STL files, a few hours of my time and the mechanical construction  instructions I was able to make a fairly accurate representation of the Mendel in sketchup. You can also see a rather nifty interactive 3D view at this link. … Continue reading

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