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DIY heated bed for a Cetus 3D printer

Last year I purchased a Cetus 3D printer which I have now been using off and on for 8 months. So far I have been very happy with the results. Quick review of the printer Positives: ~10 min assembly time. Extremely high … Continue reading

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Rethinking the Mantis Repstrap.

The Mantis CNC is a well thought out and very easy to construct PCB mill. Unfortunately, as it was originally designed as a PCB milling tool its build area is very restricted both horizontally and vertically. Because of this, and a few … Continue reading

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Arduino Mega & a character LCD.

Still playing with my new toy, the Arduino Mega, this time with an character LCD with a parallel interface. The LCD I had laying around but you can buy them pretty much anywhere at low cost. I used this guide … Continue reading

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Warping – Large objects and the heated print bed.

More of the same ‘out loud’ thinking on the issue of warping in this post to follow on from the last post on warping fundamentals. In particular, thinking about how the speed of a print, the size of an object and … Continue reading

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Why nichrome wire?

It’s a simple question, what’s so special about nichrome (nickel chromium alloy) wire that makes it suitable as a heating element? The important factors are its high electrical resistivity, its high temperature corrosion resistance and high melting temperature of 1400 … Continue reading

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An introduction to heat transfer.

From it’s heated print bed to it’s heated extruder, a reprap is hot property. So having a sound understanding of what heat is and how this heat is transferred to other materials may help you in building better reprap related paraphernalia. So consider … Continue reading

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Reprap Extruder’s: A few possible explanations.

Following on from my previous introduction to all things plastic, I thought I would try to help explain why home built plastic extruder act the way they do. The idea being that if you have a better understanding of the processes that … Continue reading

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