The finished product

Well its all finished!

finished trike

You can click on the images in the gallery below for more info

I ended up using a small section of the black anodized Aluminium to house the switches and brightness pot. I also included the high beam switch (toggles the narrow beam lights attached to the handlebar’s) in the padded grip so that it can be switched with the thumb with out taking my hands off the grips.

I have yet to take it for a spin at night. When I do I will take my camera with me and get some videos.

Beam shots also coming after tonight.

About Richard

I am a Materials Engineering working in the field of Magnetic Materials in Melbourne, Australia. This blog covers my personal interest in all things CNC.
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4 Responses to The finished product

  1. azubrecumbents says:

    Hallo, can I know, what kind of trike it is? It looks as a Greenspeed GT3, but the steering is completely different.

    Thanks for info.

    • Richard says:

      The trike was bought from this place.

      He is an official dealer of Green speed products and he built this trike using one of their frames.

      I think it is based off a GT3 but the steering might be his own design.

      Thats all I know i’m afraid.

  2. Spinner says:

    looks real good, but your going to want some good rear lights or ??? to be seen/Safty! I looking foward to more

  3. Richard says:

    Working on the tail lights today, they are going to be something a little special =)

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